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"It was a routine mission," Agent Carter reported. She was the only one who'd seen everything, but the fellows had seen a lot of it. They stood in two ragged rows behind her, and she could feel their attention, and their support. It hardly warmed her, considering what had happened.

"We had a map of the ice caverns, showing the location of the prisoners and their Hydra guards. We had a way in -- a sympathizer in their ranks, who didn't like the experiments they were doing on the prisoners. He thought that leaving them in the cold to die -- their only chance to survive if their bodies were able to adapt to the experimental procedure -- it was inhuman. We had his promise to leave certain key doors unlocked, when he received the signal."

Peggy took a deep breath.

"I delivered the signal to my recruit," she said, taking full responsibility for everything that happened as a result. "And the mission went according to plan at first.

"We don't know how they realized we were there, we thought we'd disabled all the guards, but before we were finished freeing all the prisoners, new guards entered. We could seem them through the ice, killing the prisoners in the furthest cells. Those were the poor souls who had been in there the longest. We discovered later that the guards had orders to protect the secrecy of the experiment by eliminating the subjects if necessary.

"Rogers broke through the ice to get at them, and managed to save...a few--" How she wished it had been more-- "Barnes and I followed him, while the others got the rest of the prisoners out. By the time we'd overcome the guards, we had to find another way out."

"Steve went first, to break through the ice. We thought we could make it to the underground river and swim out from there. It was hard on the prisoners, but it was their only chance, and ours. When came under fire, Barnes and I had to go ahead with the prisoners, while Steve -- Captain Rogers -- stayed at the rear to guard our retreat.

"We got them all out," Peggy said. "Except Steve. Barnes and I went back, but it was I who found him, floating under the ice in a cloud of blood."

She glanced back at the silent observers, all of them hearing this for the first time. She hadn't had time to tell anyone what she'd seen in any detail until now. "I didn't think he could be dead," she said, her voice catching. They nodded, agreeing with her. She turned back, straightening her spine, determined to get through this report without breaking down.

"We'd seen him survive so much. So I tried to get him out, but he was so cold to the touch, and starting to stiffen, like--" Her jaw muscles tightened. "No pulse. Despite the serum, my conclusion is that Steve -- Captain Rogers -- is dead," she said. "It was far enough from the base, but still in the area of permanent ice. I made a hole in the ice --" She glanced down at her needler; everyone here knew what it was capable of, and no one was going to criticize her use of ammunition, not right now. "It will refreeze around him and they'll never find him," she said.

She stared past Colonel Phillips, but even so she could sense the sympathy in the way he cleared his throat. Thankfully he kept his voice cool. "Thank you, Agent Carter." She waited. A tear slipped down her face, just a single tear, that she was sure no one would dare to comment on.


She didn't start crying in earnest until she was safely back in her quarters.

* * *

They had a wake. Dum Dum Dugan insisted. And at the wake, Peggy drank as much as the rest of the fellows, for once not caring if she forgot she was an agent or remembered she was a woman. She remembered, as if in a dream, Dr. Erskine telling her that Steve wouldn't be able to get drunk because of the changes to his metabolism. She remembered how she had felt when Dr. Erskine died -- and how Steve had chased the perpetrator. He can't be dead, she thought, even though she knew better. She'd made the diagnosis herself, and she knew death when she saw it.

They all made speeches and told stories, increasingly rambling and incoherent as the night went on. Peggy didn't remember exactly what she said, but she didn't tell them everything. She told them about Steve in training, Steve before the serum -- so did Barnes, and he had more to say. Steve the commander -- they'd all known that Steve.

She didn't tell them about the thing that had been growing between them. She'd felt it in the way he looked at her sometimes, and she'd thought she'd known what it meant. She'd thought she'd felt the same way. But they'd never said anything. Now they never would.

Sometime toward dawn, things started to quiet down. Peggy felt like she was floating away, but when it was her turn, she could still summon enough seriousness to say what she thought she still needed to say.

"We'll remember him," Peggy said. "We'll make the Howling Commandos something he'd have been proud of. We'll finish what he started."

They all raised their glasses. She still felt like crying, but she was all cried out. She raised hers too. Bottoms up.

When she woke up with the most terrible headache she'd ever had to see Dum Dum Dugan holding out his famous hangover remedy, he told her that at least she fell over real graceful...but it was a shame about spilling all that booze. They all agreed, like a chorus -- Peggy had been grateful. It was the strangest form of respect she'd ever known, that tiny lie.
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Character Basics

Name: Peggy Carter
Canon: MCU
Exit: During WWII, after Steve rescues the survivors of the 107th, before Steve goes down with the plane.
Stuck?: No.


Availability: Variable. Probably on the slowish side, but I'll try to make it no slower than once a week.
Slowtagging: If it's been more than three weeks since I tagged you, please contact me before replying.
Open to: I'm not actively looking for anything in particular, but if you have a suggestion, please share!
Canon-puncturing: Please, no.
Offensive subjects: Not necessarily opposed, but I'd appreciate a warning first.
Powers: Not necessarily opposed, but I'd appreciate a warning first.


General warnings: I can't think of any.

Romantic interaction: Fairly unlikely at this point.

Violence: Peggy is no stranger to violence. She has no special powers, but she's nevertheless pretty good at holding her own. I am open to the idea of injury, but I'd want to discuss it first.


For anyone: Please, no. If you can't find Peggy, assume she's off fighting WWII.

Special permissions: None.
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This is the OOC dropbox for Peggy Carter. Comments are screened.

PLEASE, NO CRITICISM. This is important. I've seen some people have "How's My Driving?" posts, this is NOT that. If you don't like my characterization or my writing or my anything, I would appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself. If the alternative is to be critical, it's totally fine to just ignore me (even if I've commented to you somewhere), I don't have to know why and in fact would prefer not to.

If for some reason you absolutely must be critical, if there is some issue you absolutely need my input on or something I'm doing that's standing in your way, please make sure you have the time to resolve the issue in a timely manner in the days following your contact. Also, if you could provide your ideal outcome in your initial contact, that would be very helpful. Thanks!
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Character Basics

Character Name: Peggy Carter
Character Canon: MCU
Canon Type: film/tv

Character In-Depth

Tell us about your character's history:

After several years of fighting with her parents over every single aspect of her life and her future, Peggy Carter joined Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service at the age of sixteen. She claimed -- vehemently -- that it was because she wanted to do something with her life, and that nursing was her calling. The first was true, the second was a useful lie, but she never told her parents the real reason she insisted on leaving the shelter of their perfect home was a burning desire to escape from the stifling atmosphere of familial expectation.

She loved her parents. She didn't want to hurt them. But she needed more than they would ever be able to give her.

In the Nursing Service, Peggy grew from a stubborn young girl to a self-possessed young woman. She earned respect for her cool head under pressure and for her quick reactions in emergencies. These skills were why she was given the opportunity, two years later, to join the Special Air Service*. She was one of many women doing codebreaking work.

Pretty soon, she was also training for undercover work in Europe. Britain wasn't at war yet, but some people were already preparing, covertly.

Peggy Carter was preparing just as covertly for actual combat. She never said it, but she trained wherever she could find someone to teach her, and quickly developed a cool, matter-of-fact manner that told anyone who might question her that of course she was supposed to be doing what she was doing. She learned to never let that slip, no matter how difficult the situation.

But when war broke out, she found that all her training had been in vain. She could not get a combat assignment through Special Air Services, so she went to the front with the Nursing Service. She was determined to do her part.

Caring for a wounded soldier trapped behind enemy lines, she discovered information about the Nazi organization Hydra, and followed that information far enough to discover the US-run Strategic Scientific Reserve, already on the trail of Hydra science.

They snapped her up, along with German refugee Dr. Abraham Erskine. Specifically, Colonel Chester Phillips snapped them up. In Chester Phillips, Peggy discovered her ideal commanding officer. He was gruff, but he respected her abilities.

When Colonel Phillips was placed in charge of Project Rebirth, Peggy followed him to New York, where she met Steve Rogers for the first time. She was part of the training of the candidates for Project Rebirth, and she, along with Dr. Erskine, recommended Steve for the experiment that made him into Captain America.

Steve Rogers eventually proved his worth as a soldier, as Peggy was continuing to do by somewhat slower means. After Steve rescued the survivors of the 107th, both Steve and Peggy worked under Colonel Phillips tracking down Hydra, and when Peggy was given more command responsibilities, more secret missions behind enemy lines, she frequently collaborated with the Howling Commandos, who were doing similar work.

And the more often she saw Steve Rogers, the more she realized that she might possibly be falling in love.

But there was a war on. Everyone knew that love was for when the war was over. She was not unhappy to leave it that way, with what she thought was an understanding, but nothing ever spelled out in so many words.

(* Just to note, in places where the Marvel prop department contradicted history -- for example, putting Peggy in the Special Air Service before it existed -- I'm just going to go with the assumption that the MCU's version of WWII is different from our reality in lots of ways. It's not just WWII plus Hydra/SSR/Captain America/etc., there are other subtle differences in how the war is being fought, the politic situation, etc.)

Tell us about your chosen exit point, why you chose it, and why you want to play the character at All Inclusive: (200 words minimum)

I am taking Peggy from the middle of WWII, near the end of the first Captain America movie, but before Steve's presumed death. I've recently become very interested in WWII, which is the big reason that I want to take Peggy from this particular point. I'd also like to play around with the idea of Peggy bringing back weapons from the nexus (I'm sure she can find some somehow) to use against Hydra's tesseract-fueled weapons, and possibly change the course of Hydra's fate.

(Also, I'm taking her from before the Agent Carter tv show, but I do enjoy many aspects of the tv show, and I expect to draw a lot of characterization from the show. It's just too bad that she can't be fighting WWII with the Howling Commandos and Edwin Jarvis. ...although, seriously, if she changes history far enough, I suppose you never know who might show up for a cameo NPC appearance in Peggy's world. Anyway...)

Most of all, I want contrast with Peggy. She's living in a war zone, and then there's the nexus. I want the nexus to save Peggy in dicey situations, give her advantages she shouldn't have, but also act like a double edged sword with disadvantages for her too, possibly tempting her from her duty with all its cushy restaurants and easy life, making her fear she's going to get soft or come to depend on it. She will almost certainly feel out of place in the nexus, and maybe react inappropriately at times (war zone reactions don't always work in other places).

I don't have elaborate plans, I just want to see if Peggy comes up with any way to balance living in two different and totally opposite realities at once.

I do not expect Peggy to get stuck in the nexus (I have a hard time making stuck work, my characters tend to react in uninteresting and annoying ways to that particular sort of plot), but if she needs to, she might stay there for longish periods of time. Or she might get semi-stuck because her door keeps opening on untenable situations so she can't go through, things like that, instead of the door just not being there.

Tell us about your character's personality: (200 words minimum)

If any of the men she fights beside had to pick one word to describe Peggy, it would probably be competent. Peggy gets the job done. Her commanding officer would undoubtedly choose that word too. And that's what counts in Peggy's life: her fellow soldiers. "The fellows", as she often calls them in the privacy of her own mind.

But her parents back home would choose stubborn, while many of her friends from the nursing service have seen her sympathetic side, which is rarely on view among the men. As a woman in an army of men, Peggy has no desire to become the mother figure. She cultivates a crisp and somewhat distant manner, and can pull rank when she needs to.

Peggy is straightforward, impulsive, loyal, and very hard to read. She doesn't put herself on display, but she does know the value of appearances and is not above using her own appearance to her advantage -- occasionally.

When she acts, she acts fully and thoroughly. Peggy is not one to leave a job undone.

She's practical, and good at weighing the cost of her actions, but every now and then an emotion will trip her up. She's more emotional than she wants to admit, because she sees emotion as weakness. Sometimes, she believes her own hype about just how cool and untouchable she is, and doesn't realize how much she cares.

Peggy doesn't trust easily, and she doesn't like to depend on anyone, but is slowly coming to trust the Howling Commandos. Part of the reason she likes Howard Stark so much is because he's so predictable, and thus so easy to trust. She has very few illusions about the weaknesses of others, but she does believe in second chances. She doesn't hold grudges.

She has a dry sense of humor that really only comes out once she's gotten to know someone. She doesn't smile a lot, but when she does, it's like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

When she's stressed, a few things that can sooth her are a good cup of tea, a hot shower, or a chance to clean and reload her weapons.

Prose example post(s): (200 words minimum per example)

"Yes, sir," Peggy said crisply, snapping off a salute and taking the package that the Colonel handed her. Colonel Phillips gave her that austere smile that meant don't let me down and Peggy returned a twitch of the lips that meant have I ever, sir? They understood each other.

Peggy carried the package carefully back to her quarters. "Hey, whatcha got there?" one of the nurses in the tent next door asked. Peggy shook her head, put a finger to her lips, and ducked into her own tent.

"Ooooo, The British Wonder-woman has a secret," the nurse said. "I wonder what it iiiissss..." It sounded like bored teasing, but there was a little more to it than that. Ever since Peggy had shared out her part of a smugglers' cache that she and the Howlers had come across in the course of duty -- caviar and tins of syrupy fruit -- the nurses had all become convinced that Peggy was a perfect source of goodies, and looked upon any package Peggy brought back with a proprietary interest, hoping for another party.

Peggy stuck her head out through the tent flap again. "If you ate what's in this package, you'd be spending more time than you like in the latrines," she said. Amidst groans, she let the flap swing closed and retreated to her cot.

Carefully, she snipped the string, unwrapped the brown paper, and brought out the contents. "Top Secret" the red stamp on the thick folder proclaimed. The text was a mere jumble of letters. Peggy swung her legs onto her cot and leaned back against her pillow, wishing as usual that she had a nice fluffy one instead of a limp rag. But comfortable or not, it was time for a little light codebreaking.


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